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Have you heard about the Digital Media and Learning Competition? Hear Cathy Davidson talk about it here.

And here is an article on the education initiative that Davidson is talking about. It was announced by President Obama at the end of November and has had excited almost everyone in the education field.

One last bit of HASTAC news. The deadline for applying to participate in the 2010 Global Innovations Conference has been extended to January 4th. Find out more here.


Digital Storytelling

So I admit it, I’ve been a bad HASTAC scholar lately. While I have been keeping up with social media and all things that seem to be related to HASTAC I have not participated in the new forum about Digital Storytelling. The concept is neat and something I have not looked into thoroughly.

The forum splits up the idea of Digital Storytelling into three different, distinct areas.
1. Community Empowerment
2. Re-Defining the Role of the Academic Library
3. Purpose, Practice, and Potential

The first thing I immediately think of when I think about digital storytelling is Youtube. While not academic, Youtube tells all sorts of stories. They can be funny, sad, insightful, silly. They can also inspire or give people their 15 minutes of fame. I also think of Twitter, because one’s Twitter feed can truly tell a story. I especially think of the hastag sixwordstories. I remember reading a few #sixwordstories and feeling like I understood what the person was trying to convey. One in particular that stood out was by Melissa Harris-Lacewell. It was from a few months ago and Harris-Lacewell had been doing the six word stories all night. The one in particular that I remembered read Diagnosed with cancer. She fought back. It puts such a vivid picture in your mind. I can imagine each individual picturing a family member, friend or something else close to their heart when reading that.

I think that the key to digital storytelling is getting your message across in a way that people remember. This rings true for Youtube; everyone has their favorites they love to quote, as well as Twitter.

What is your favorite form of digital storytelling? Any examples?


Today Fiona Barnett, the Director of HASTAC Scholars and a Ph. D. candidate at Duke University,  announced that there would be a new Twitter account for HASTAC scholars. There already is one for HASTAC in general, but now with the scholar one information can be more organized and readily available.

The HASTAC Scholars program has been doing a lot lately to make the program more visible in social media. There is a Facebook group and a listserv for members. Overall, it makes communication much easier.