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Conflicting Views on Journalism

This semester I’ve learned a lot about journalism, or so I thought.

I was a part of an online journalism class and an enterprise journalism class. Both had conflicting views on journalism, the direction it’s headed and what citizen journalism is. It was interesting to see and learn from these different professors and their thoughts on the news industry.

I found that my opinions would start to change from one day to the next depending on what lecture or lesson I just had. At one end of the spectrum I had a professor teaching me the wonders of blogs, interactive content and all other things you can do on the web in the journalism business. Then I would go to another class where he talked about the wonders of the newsroom, hard-nosed reporting and investigative pieces.

To make a long story short I think this semester I went a schizophrenic.

One part of me has learned to love blogging. I love giving my opinion and the immediate satisfaction of hitting publish. The other part of me romanticizes journalism and the idea of getting a scoop or tip and running with it.

Every week I feel like I changed my mind about what I wanted to use my journalism degree for. Is it useless? Will I end up blogging on some no-name website or will I end up covering stories for a newspaper? Will there even be newspapers in three to five years?

Getting two different opinions, while at times confusing, actually made me a better journalist I think. Because of both of these classes I got to have more experience in both the online and print journalism world, which I hope will be an asset when I’m looking for a job.

It’s also nice to know that I’m not the only one confused about where journalism is heading… my professors don’t know either.