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Well It Says on Her Myspace…

Today I read an article from the AP about Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry’s tragic death after falling out of a pickup truck. In the article they talk about Henry’s fiancée. They got the information from her MySpace page. Here is a snippet of what the article says:

“Henry is engaged to Loleini Tonga, and the couple has been raising three children. Tonga’s MySpace page identifies herself as “Mrs. C. Henry” and has a picture of her next to a person who appears to be Henry. She also has a post from Tuesday talking about buying wedding rings. A neighbor said Wednesday that the Tonga family owns the home where police say the incident began. Charlotte is home to his fiancée’s parents.”

At first I thought it was weird that the AP would be getting most of their information through MySpace, but then realized that it shouldn’t surprise me, especially with such a high-profile athlete. I’m guessing that she, and other members of Henry’s family wouldn’t comment so the reporter turned to the next best thing, public profiles.

While I think that public people lose most, if not all, of their privacy when they become famous, is it right to use the information of their families and friends? Does this cross a line? Or do you lose all your privacy by association?


Ap Stylebook to Add New Media Entries

If you aren’t as dorky as me (and really who is?) then you may not be aware of the AP Stylebook. A must have for all journalists, the stylebook comes out with a new edition each year and is the main source for usage, spelling, abbreviations, as well as other grammar/writing advice.

Along with the rest of journalism, the AP Stylebook is changing and adapting to become more aware of new and social media. The editors recently announced that they will be adding a new section of the book on new media and social media for the 2010 addition that will be released in June.  Currently, the book has sections for business, sports as well as punctuation.

I’m interested to see what the AP will and will not include in the section. It will be interesting to see how current the section will be, and if in future issues current entries will have to be deleted because of obscurity.

Regardless, this is a big deal for the social media community, and geeks like me who can’t wait to purchase a new copy of the stylebook.