Collective Action

Although I’m a few days late with reporting this, I read a really  cool article about a joint editorial project 56 papers in 45 countries are publishing. I found the article on through Twitter.  

The editorial, which you can find at, was published to try to convince members of government all over the world to help the environment during the Copenhagen climate summit.

Here Tom Clark, a writer at Guardian, explains how all of these newspapers got together.  

I think this is a great example of collective action. While nothing may actually occur because of the editorial, it says a lot about what the newspapers and the people who write for them want to accomplish. I also think it demonstrates how a population can help convince other populations to agree on certain issues and fight for them.

While it may be easier for newspapers to do collective action because they all have commonalities and resources, I’m impressed that 45 countries were involved. That being said, participatory media and the newspaper’s online versions probably made it easier to convey ideas, agree and work as a unit.

What do you think? Will this work? Or is it just for show?


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