26 Things to Do on Facebook

Trend Tracker’s Twitter feed  got me interested in this article about businesses and how they should use Facebook and more specifically their fan pages. According to the article at inklingmedia.net there are 26 things to do. Some seem obvious (number 1 is Use It!) while others seem tricky or risky for businesses to do.

For instance:

  • 3. Be personal and informal – Your Facebook page is not your website. It isn’t ad copy. When you post updates, write the way you speak. You don’t want to be sloppy, but be conversational. Speak to your fans in the same way you would in person.
  • While I would probably want WaWa to behave this way on its Facebook fan page, would I want a law firm or other more “serious” business acting this way. What about media outlets l ike newspapers or news organizations? Do I expect different things from the New York Times as opposed to Atlantic City Weekly?

    Other suggestions are smart, (Advertise! Promote! Have contests!) but I wonder just how seriously businesses are taking these suggestions. Granted some may be taking risks, but I have a feeling most companies use Facebook to show they are relevant to the times and emerging social media.

    What do you think?


    One response to “26 Things to Do on Facebook

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for mentioning my blog post.

      In terms of being “conversational,” I still stand by that for all businesses. The analogy that has been made is that your website and LinkedIn are your business suit, Facebook is business casual, and Twitter is the cocktail party. Let’s say you’re the NY Times…if you’re on Facebook, should it be just to present the news? I would argue “no.” That’s what your paper and the website are for. I would use Facebook as a way of engaging readers and sparking discussion. Reporters, editors, etc, are all human. They should talk to us in the way they might engage us in conversation.

      And I agree, in part, with your last statement. A lot of companies are on Facebook because they know they should be there, but have no clue what they are doing. On the other hand, more and more businesses, are doing an amazing job of using Social Media for customer service and feedback, market research, and general engagement.

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