What if?

Last night in my Enterprise Journalism class we ironically talked about Paul Carr’s article about Ft. Hood. My professor brough up a great point that got me thinking.

How would have Twitter and Facebook screwed up the information we got during 9/11?

I had never thought of that before. By the way we talked about it in class, it seemed like the other students in my class hadn’t either. This got me thinking about other events. Columbine. Oklahoma City Bombings. Heck even the bombing during the Atlanta Summer Olympics.

I support new media and use it frequently, but the more it is used for news purposes the more it turns me off to it. I am sure that the information we received during September 11 would have been cluttered and confusing, leaving millions worried for their safety.

What do you think?


2 responses to “What if?

  1. You know I can’t resist playing devil’s advocate on this one. Some questions to consider:

    Doesn’t the mainstream news media, despite processes of fact checking, also “screw up” information? Is this different from when citizen journalists’ do it?

    Do we have to pick between professional journalism and citizen journalism? Is there a value for each type (even if that value is different)?

  2. There are so many ways citizen journalism could have changed past events like 9/11. It certainly would have got information to the public almost instanty, but who knows what level reliability it would have had. If used properly it could have been more reliable because people who were experiencing these tragedies first hand would be reporting, but then they only see what is in their immediate experience – where outside professional journalists are looking more at the big picture.

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