Getting my Feet Wet

I was intrigued by the first HASTAC scholars forum, Democratizing Knowledge, so I decided I would make my first comment and add my two cents into the conversation. I was most excited about the conversation other scholars were having about teaching, education and how they are affected by new technology. Here’s my post from Sept. 22nd.

I’m really enjoying this conversation especially about teaching and learning with new media and how it changes the engagement/learning experience.

As a journalism and communication studies student I have found that within the past year most of my professors have tried to incorporate new media into their teaching process. Blogging with WordPress, Twitter and groups on Facebook have all been established and considered the main ways to communicate between members of the class.

However I have noticed that most of the students I know in other areas of study (most surprisingly Education department) either have no idea how to use these new technologies or have not used them in an education format. I am interested in how other areas of research are using the technologies or new media to their advantage and how they will differ from how we use them.

Re-reading what I wrote I still feel the same way. Why is it that the majority of students engaged in new media for educational purposes are in the Department of Communication? Is it because the people in that department are more likely to use these media anyway? Or is it that new media has a greater effect on communication disciplines?


One response to “Getting my Feet Wet

  1. You pose some good questions, Kate. I think there are probably a variety of factors that may account for the difference you’ve observed. I wonder if any studies have been done to determine if a digital divide of sorts exists among students with different majors and courses of study. Hmmm. Might be worth checking into.

    IMHO, almost all (if not all) disciplines will be affected by emerging digital media. Perhaps the impact will be felt differently, but felt nonetheless. I think this would be an interesting area to explore on campus – maybe interview some students from different majors, see what courses related to new media might be offered, etc. What do you think? Could be good basis for a blog post – or several!

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